elastic lining of handbag s, sound insulation, thermal insulation materials,

elastic lining of handbag s, sound insulation, thermal insulation materials,

elastic lining of handbag s, sound insulation, thermal insulation materials,

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Keeping up with the current trend of “small waste bags”, MCM perfume, which looks like a handbag, has accidentally become a new confession between couples in South Korea, which “can only hold your fragrance.” South Korea even invited famous singer Cao Chengyan to endorse the listing of Japan and South Korea.

Because a 80% new bag basically has obvious wear and stain on the whole bag, and another definition standard is that if the Taizhou Gucci honeybee bag you want to recover has been worn to varying degrees in all corners, it is directly defined as 80% new. This also shows how important the quality of Taizhou Gucci Little Bee handbags is for the high price recovery of famous bags. Basically, 80% of the new Taizhou Gucci bags are not a special limited edition popular style, so the recovery prices are mostly recovered at about 70% discount. Many bad style 80% new Taizhou Gucci bags can only get 80% discount? Many people think that they failed to recover the high price because of their old style of Taizhou Gucci bag, but the editor thought that your bag was confiscated to a good price because of the poor quality of your bag. Second-hand luxury goods in the store, there are many old styles but impeccable Taizhou Gucci bags get 60% discount, so usually everyone must protect themselves from

The most interesting is a bag called “face”, which uses geometric figures to draw facial expressions that symbolize the faces of men and women. The woman with a pink orange bag had round eyes on her face and made a surprised mouth movement. On the other hand, the male pattern of the blue-purple bag has a seemingly decadent sense of joy, with the mouth showing a downward half-oval shape. Both male and female designs are printed on the front and back of the handbag. When you put your luggage, it looks like a three-dimensional sculpture, creating an expressive impression. The interesting design is very attractive. In addition to the handbag, a clutch bag has been developed that can be arranged to fold the face into two parts. This geometric bag is also available in hand-held bag style.

elastic lining of handbag s, sound insulation, thermal insulation materials,

Some people pass by the window with the intention of “buying” immediately, some have been entangled in color for two weeks, and some even increase the price of their bags in order to get them early! There are also a variety of styles, including big bags, small bags, mobile phone bags, big brands, minority and domestic bags, and even handbags. There are ▼

Pearl cotton is not only exquisite, it is widely used in electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, equipment, industrial control chassis, hardware lighting, handicrafts, ceramics, home appliances, furniture, alcohol, resin and other high-grade fragile gifts, hardware products, toys, melons, leather shoes, daily necessities and other sold goods, after participating in antistatic agents and flame retardants It can effectively eradicate static electricity and ignition effect. The size, thickness and shape of pearl cotton can be customized, the color can also be changed, the quantity will not be too different, but the commonly used is white pearl cotton. EPE pearl cotton is also widely used in elastic lining of handbags, sound insulation, thermal insulation materials, agricultural thermal insulation materials for industrial consumption, floating equipment for aquaculture, protective pads for sporting goods, life-saving equipment for water operations, floor decoration for homes and hotels, gaskets and so on.

In order to fit the overall style, the bag can be replaced with a Japanese vintage handbag. A good accessory can play a key point and attract the eye. The specific size of the bag can be changed according to individual usage.

Printing patterns and logo on Kraft paper bags gives people visual enjoyment. Handbag is the “propaganda language” of walking, and it is the main tool of information transmission. A successful handbag design needs to visually give people beautiful feelings, trademarks and words, and display these information in different aesthetic sensations. This requires professional design services and printing services enterprises to do a good arrangement. Innovation is reflected in trademark design. Trademark is the identification symbol of a commodity, trademark is a symbol, only the pattern design of the handbag is in line with the favor of consumers, consumers will show to more people. Clearly and accurately convey brand information for brand promotion. Handbag in the transmission of information at the same time, practical, convenient for consumers is its “main job”.