consumption options such as coffee , lemon tea, refreshments

consumption options such as coffee , lemon tea, refreshments

consumption options such as coffee , lemon tea, refreshments

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The unmanned intelligent dining car shuttles between the booths of various brands, and various brands show their new products and new offers one after another; car owners “gather” to open backup cars and build backup car markets to provide a variety of consumption options such as coffee, lemon tea, refreshments and so on. Recently, the “2023 National online New year Festival” was launched in Guangzhou Haixin Shaya Games Park, which took place in the Guangzhou offline scene.

Of course, you can also choose to go out of the hotel and feel the way of life of the whole Changtai seaside city. The Longwan Xintiandi opposite the hotel will open in the second half of the year (is this the reason for me to go next time? ), many well-known coffee and fast food brands have been settled in. Next to Longwan Xintiandi, a 3-minute walk is Longwan Lakeside Park, where you can get close to nature, and the hotel can also provide guests with afternoon tea picnics, a different kind of style!

And from the results of these activities, we can see that consumers are really willing to go out of the house. The popularity has come up, and the investment promotion of the event has also gone more smoothly. “they are all so positive that they are all willing to come over!” In February this year, Dongfang Baotai held a coffee festival, which attracted well-known coffee brands in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places. “the situation of economic recovery since the beginning of this year has given everyone confidence and made them more optimistic about the Guangzhou market.”

Lin Xin, Secretary General of Provincial Tea Chamber of Commerce, Wu Yihuai, Executive Vice President of Municipal Seafood dry Fruit Industry Chamber of Commerce, Tang Heng, Executive Director of Dongwang (Guangzhou) International supply chain Co., Ltd., Li Lei, Chief Strategy Officer of Jiangnan Fruit and vegetable Wholesale Market, Weng Huicai, Deputy Chief Economist of Huangsha Aquatic products Market, Cai Ze, General Manager of Jinda Coffee Beverage City, Lv Yan, General Manager of Qingping traditional Chinese Medicine Market, and our Chamber of Commerce attended the meeting.

In addition, picnic foods such as fresh fruit, leisure snacks, cooked lo mei, coffee and milk tea are also indispensable consumption for campers, making them a marketing growth point for camping-related businesses. With the increasing camping demand of more consumers, practitioners also continue to expand the marketing space, optimize consumer supply, and continue to stimulate the consumption potential of the camping economy.

consumption options such as coffee , lemon tea, refreshments

Whether we go out to play or work, we use thermos to keep the coffee warm. Use an thermostat instead of any external heat source, but use the temperature of the coffee itself to keep it warm, and this will not lead to the problem of over-extraction caused by the use of filter pots.

In addition to a strong lineup of performances and a wealth of picnic food and wine, the carnival also includes a variety of surrounding art interaction activities, such as small poetry festivals, craft bazaars, big coffee workshops, deep meditation, outdoor yoga, camping and tent hotels!

In March this year, the eighth China Guangzhou International Investment Annual meeting and the first Global Unicorn CEO Conference was held in Tokyo, Japan. At the meeting, Erchang, a Japanese medical legal association, signed an investment agreement with the Investment Promotion Bureau of Guangzhou Development Zone, which will be stationed in the future industrial center of China and Japan. In addition, the well-known Japanese coffee brand KOMEDA also signed a letter of intent to invest in the future industrial center of China and Japan.

On January 11, Jones Lang LaSalle held a press conference on the review and analysis of the Guangzhou real estate market in 2021. Wu Zhonghao, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle in South China, analyzed that with the steady recovery of the consumer market in Guangzhou, a number of popular brands of tea and coffee at home and abroad accelerate the layout of the Guangzhou market, the willingness of luxury brands to open stores is enhanced, and the overall rental demand for high-quality retail property is relatively stable.

Therefore, for the coffee enterprises in the layout county, in the process of competing with new tea brands, it is impossible to sell them completely according to the product mix of first-and second-tier cities. How to adjust the product strategy in time and develop new products according to the needs of consumers in the sinking market is a thing that requires long-term investment.

consumption options such as coffee , lemon tea, refreshments